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Friday, November 1, 2013

TVAL Review Pt. 2

Hey Everyone!

Time for Pt.2 of my TVAL product review! Lets just jump into it!
*again, these were sent to me for review - however, I am giving my own honest opinion of each product*

TVAL Cleansing Milk with Geranium

 So I've been using this for about a month now and I feel like it MIGHT have to replace my beloved ponds cold cream. I actually haven't made a final decision on that yet, but I like it that much that it's an option. It has an amazing creamy texture (much like ponds cold cream, actually) and just feels very nice on the skin when you apply it and rub it in. It washes away with no residue feeling, which is nice, as sometimes creamy cleansers can leave a filmy feeling like you haven't washed it all off. Also, I feel like the texture doesn't allow for any moisture to be stripped away, as it is not a drying cleanser at all. This is the kind of product I love in the nighttime (if you've seen my skincare routine you know I LOVE moisture for my skin at night). Now, I will say that it claims to remove all makeup. I have to debunk that unfortunately. I use mostly waterproof makeup on my eyes so I never rely on face wash to get that off. I always use makeup remover. However; this doesn't even really get all of my foundation off. At first  really thought it did, my face looks and feels clean, but then I go in with a toner, and the cotton pad has makeup on it. It is not very much at all, so this does a very good job at getting most of the light makeup off of my face, but it definitely doesn't get all. I assume thats because the formula is so gentle, which in my opinion is actually still worth it as long as you use a makeup wipe before or toner afterwards you will be fine. I will also add that the ponds cold cream is the same way (I never actually noticed before, so I tested it one night and there was definitely still makeup left after). Overall I really like this, but I'm still on the fence about introducing it in place of my beloved Ponds Cold Cream.

TVAL Pore Refining Toner

This stuff I really love. This is the toner I've been using at night that made me realize there was still a little bit of makeup left on my face after using a cleanser. I just pour a little bit on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face. Compared to the toner I use in the morning (see morning skincare routine), this one actually does give the slightest tingle/tightness, but very very small amount, nothing like the Green Tea toner from The Body Shop. I feel like I can actually tell that it is doing what the name says, refining my pores, without completely drying out my skin. There is little more to say about this. It doesn't have a strong scent, if any scent really, it does exactly what the packaging says, and I have not had any breakouts at all using it. I have to say, TVAL pretty much knock skincare out of the park.

TVAL Dry Shampoo (for Brunettes)

Ok. So this stuff just looks ... weird. Dry shampoo that looks like baby powder that has been dyed brown. I was veryyyy hesitant on using this as I didn't really even know how to apply this without powder going all over the place. But, I had to try it and I have to admit, I was insanely surprised. The application is as I imagined, not easy at all. You kinda have to just try to get a little bit in your hands and apply it where you want the dry shampoo on your scalp, or use a makeup brush to pick some up and then apply it where you want. I don't have an extra makeup brush that I can just dip into this and apply to my head - I would need to figure out a good size/shape and buy one, so I just used my hands instead. This is where my negativity ends. I used it one morning when I didn't have time to wash my hair before work. Wow. Not only did it get rid of all the oil and buildup I could feel, but my hair had insane amazing volume. I actually couldn't believe it. Seriously, my hair looked great. I love that they tinted the product too because I have black hair and sometimes lighter dry shampoos actually make my hair look like I have dandruff or hairspray buildup. Despite the light brown color against my black hair, the product was not visible at all. I do really like how this product performs, again, I'm just not a fan of how you apply it. I would even be alright with having to use a brush like they suggest on the packaging, but it would be nice if a brush came with it for application. This size shown here is a sample size and it also comes in a shade for blondes.

TVAL Smink Eyeshadow Trio for Brown eyes

Truthfully, I'm just not a very big lover of pigment style eye shadows. I always feel like they're going to just cause a lot of fallout flakiness. I'm going to make this product review fairly short because I can't give much of an opinion in comparison as Iusually avoid this style of shadows. I will say that I really like the color payoff. The swatches shown are without a primer and the colors show fairly true to the pots. I also have to say that I really really like these colors a lot. The lighter and middle shades are very shimmery and the charcoal is matte. I like that the darkest color is not quite black, but almost a deep grey; it helps tie the colors together very nicely. Because the lighter shades are so shimmery I would probably find a similar color to help blend them out a little bit. Although I expected a lot of fallout and flakiness from these, they actually went on fairly smooth and I was pleasantly surprised. I'll probably use these for a night out look soon and show you what it turns out like! Overall, I do like these, but this style of shadow just isn't my favorite to work with for some unknown reason so I will definitely use these because the colors are so pretty, but I'm undecided if I would go out and get more once they're gone. Who knows, maybe after using these I'll get used to the loose pigment style shadows and end up buying them all the time, but right now, I just enjoy the packed or cream shadows a bit more as I do find they are easier to use.

So there you have it. My review of the TVAL products sent to me. Again, although these were given to me for review, I still gave my honest opinion. Some products I loved, others weren't things I'd repurchase, but as I always say, Just because they do or do not work for me, doesn't mean they won't for you. In store TVAL usually lets you sample things etc. so you can decide if it's something you would like. If I were to recommend products from this brand, I would definitely say the facial skincare lines are amazing and are a definite must. After trying these products I am dying to go back down and pick up some bath and body products; bath bombs, body butters, things like that as I am hopeful of similar results.
If you don't live in the area, again, TVAL provides online shopping and will ship to you!

I hope this didn't sound too preachy about the brand, I actually just really like (most) of what I tried and have been using this in my skincare routine since before anything was sent to me.

Anyway, let me know what if you guys have tried anything and what your thoughts are!

Thanks for Reading! Love!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TVAL Product Review Pt. 1

Hey guys!!

So, as I mentioned before, TVAL sent me some things to review. I have given each product a fair bit of use and I will give my thoughts truthfully. Some products I LOVEEEED, some were not the greatest for me. Remember though, just because I liked or disliked something, doesn't mean it may or may not work for you. Because there is quite a few products here, I am going to do this in a 2 part review so it doesn't make this post too long. Below I have pictured all products sent to me and I will give the most detailed description of how I felt using each that I can. Come back and check out Pt.2!

                                                            Products for Review
As you can see they sent me a few ranges of products. There is skin care, makeup, lotion, and even some dry shampoo. So, with that. Lets dive in!

Colorful Lip Balm
Ok. So this is something I absolutely loved. The way this feels on my lips is absolutely amazing. There is no stickiness, just softness. It feels like my lips are just being hydrated and treated right. One thing I actually dislike about tinted lip balms, are that I tend to use lip balms when my lips are already dry and sometimes flaky. Using a lip balm that's tinted almost always ends up distributing unevenly and getting products build-up in creases and actually enhances any dry look my lips already have.Now maybe that's because deep down and burried in the ingredients of lip balms, there is actually usually a chemical that dries out your lips so you end up using more product and buying more etc. the viciuous cycle we have all heard of. So when you get a tinted balm, for me, it ends up accentuating the dryness of my lips and I may as well have put on a lip stain. This, however... This lip balm in no way does that and it has almost become a holy grail for that situation. I haven't reached for any other tinted balm since I received this. There is a slight smell (can't quite put my finger on it, but it is nice), and the color is very sheer (as you can tell from the picture). It is definitely a lip balm that just gives the smallest hint of color. My lips are pretty pigmented, but this still shows up a little and just gives a nice natural look. Again, it is just how this makes my lips feels that makes me love it the most. We'll see how it works out through the winter, as I tend to get very dry lips, but I think I'll definitely be repurchasing this one! P.S: The cute tube is definitely a bonus, seriously, how adorable is that packaging?

TVAL Skin Smoothie
Can I just point out (again) how cute this packaging is? They seriously know how to grab a gals attention with that. Ok, the first thing I want to say is kind of a disclaimer here, the scent is "Cherry Tart". I feel the need to mention here that at no fault of anyone's (except whoever made that awful cherry medicine as a kid), I actually despise the scent/flavour of cherry. No matter what it is, or who made it - it is a scent I do not like. Candles, lotion, bath salts, lip products, scratch and sniff stickers, candy, you name it and I won't like it. Therefore, I had to get a second opinion on the scent from someone else because I was just not going to like it regardless. I have been told by 3 others that they actually like this scent, so I feel comfortable saying that this probably does smell good to a normal human (unlike myself haha). Either way, it isn't the only scent this product has, so just smell whichever one you like best to choose. I do however really like it as a moisturiser, so its a shame that I won't be able to use it (although I'm sure mom will be loving this little gift). The only way I could really try this out was before bed, or to wash my hands with pumpkin soap after using it. I wanted to try it before bed and leave it on so that could tell how it worked over time (not just being washed away immediately). In the morning I awoke with my hands feeling very soft and any dry skin was no longer white (you know, the dry hands thing where the creases turn a little white because you're in desperate needs of moisture). I tried it a few times during the day, but washed it off (again, the scent). I did this so that I could gauge the initial feeling of the application.When initially applying, it also doesn't leave that annoying sticky feeling that sometimes lingers with hand creams, which is definitely a plus for me. I can't stand when I apply hand lotion and I have to wait 5 minutes before I can continue working or whatever it is I am doing. I type a lot at my job so my hands need constant attention, but I don't have time to apply hand cream, wait 5 minutes before I can put my rings back on and continue working. This stuff just doesn't require that kind of time commitment and you can rub some on and continue on with your day. I really like the feel of this, so I think I'm going to have to pick up another scent and give it a try through the winter!

Banana Honey Face Mask
I used this once a week (so manybe 3-4 times now) and I also enjoyed this as a face cream. It is just your typical face cream that makes you feel like you got that deep clean yet didn't strip my skin of any moisture (which is essential around this time of year). It says to keep it in the fridge, which I actually ended up loving' applying this stuff cold felt soooooo nice. After a few uses I didn't find that I broke out and my skin just felt nice and soft. I've also been on a bit of a kick lately where I want to watch what kinds of things I'm washing my skin with, especially my face, so I really like that this is all natural ingredients that just help enhance my skin, not strip away its natural oils. The only downfall I found for this product was again, the scent. The banana scent is very strong and after the 10 minutes or so on my face it was almost overpowering to me. This could again just be me. I'm very scent crazy, so if you smell this out of the jar and like it, you will be fine. I just kept thinking of banana flavoured medicine (again with the medicine!). I'm going to continue to use this as I like the way it feels, but once its gone I may have to try a different mask from there and hope for the same skin benefits without the scent.

Alright. So this is all I'm going to review for Part 1 of these products. There are still 4 things left to go, and like this post, there are some I absolutely loved, and others that I am a little unsure of; but we'll get into that next time!

I just want to say again, that these products were gifted to me to try and review, but as you can see my true thoughts on everything has been said. I am in no way being paid etc. and all these views are completely my own.
Thanks again to TVAL for sending me these things as I have certainly found some gems in here (as well as from Pt.2 - coming up!)

If you are interested in any of these products and want to try them for yourself - TVAL accepts orders and ships from their website (in case you do not live near)

Thanks for reading! Love!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Night-time Skincare Routine!

Hello my lovlies!!

Soo, last week you read all about my morning skincare routine; today it's time to see my must-have products for my night-time regimen!
(yes I took this picture in the bathroom; where else would all of this be? hehe)
I'm going to just jump right into it today without very little introduction - but I will mention that I'll just write this in the order that I apply everything at night. :)

Maybelline Clean Express! Makeup remover (for waterproof makeup)
So, I discovered this stuff when a YouTuber talked about it in her beauty video (I honestly, cannot remember who, I think MakeupByAlli perhaps). Anyway, I decided to try it out and have been kind of liking it so far. There are pros and cons to this remover, but I honestly have a hard time finding one I love so I just stuck to this. First, I love that it's oil-free. The last thing I need is extra oil applied around my eyelids. I also like the gentle formula, etc. However; I do find, that although it takes off my eyeshadow and eyeliner VERY easily, I am left almost scrubbing to get the last of my mascara off. It doesn't matter which mascara it is, it just won't come off easily. Even when I use a no-waterproof formula, I find product still left on my lashes after using this. I don't like scrubbing at my eyes because it just makes them itchy and dry and red, so I'm resulted in using a ton of product on numerous cotton pads and taking wayyyy too much time trying to gently wash away my mascara. Again, I have tried many many products to take off my eye makeup and I just always have very dismal results. Boo. On that note: I would love to hear of any products you guys have tried and found worked great! I'm always on the lookout for something easier!

Ponds Cold Cream (Sensitive Skin)
So, I've talked about this before and I still love it. Every night I just put this on dry skin, rub it in, then wipe it off with a warm, wet, facecloth. I find it does wonders at removing my makeup (foundation etc.) and if I get it all in my eyes it doesn't hurt one bit. I find it very creamy and really moisturizing, which I love at night. If you want to read more about this, see my previous favourites post!

TVAL Golden Olive Face Serum
This stuff is outstanding. I don't know what to say about it except I love love love it.
Ok, I can do better than that.
This serum feels amazing on the skin and just gives such an amazing glow. I just use about 3 drops every night and smooth it all over my face and neck and it just seems to give such a moisturizing and dewy feeling. This thing has Olive Oil, Sea Buckthorn, Vitamins, Fatty Acids, the list goes on of amazing things this product has. I don't know why all of these ingredients work so well together, but they do, and my face is happy.
For those of you wil oily skin and think that this might be just too much oil for you. It really isn't. Somehow this does not feel oily on the skin at all. It is actually an unexplainable feeling how when you apply is it straight up oil, and when you're done applying it it just isn't oily. All I can say, it try it out. You won't be disappointed.

Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture Lotion
Again, this is something I have talked about as a favourite before. I apply this immediately after the TVAL serum and sort of let them mix in together and help each other out. When you pump out some product (one small pump is the perfect amount for the face and neck), the lotion looks white with a pinky/pearly cast to it. I feel like somehow this also helps get such a glowy look to the skin. In the night-time I love to feel hopped up on moisture and glowy; I'm not wearing makeup so I want to feel like my skin is recovering from the day and still actually looks good. I've probably said this before, but this moisturizer is great without being over the top. It inst thick and heavy (which I don't want on my face or I feel like I'm just clogging all my pores and asking for a breakout). It is just a thin texture that mixes well with the serum I use and creates a perfect combination of moisture without being thick and lingering.

Bioelements: Sleepwear for eyes
Ok. So this is a product I don't think I've seen anyone talk about, but I absolutely love it and I have for a long time. I remember a few years ago I went Online and began searching for an eye cream that people swore by. The reviews of everything I found were always mixed (as they usually are), until I found this. The jar is small (although, normal size for an eye cream), and lasts forever. Seriously, the amount of product you use is so small it actually never seems to get used up. Ever. I just put a little on my finger and then slowly dab it around my eye, then gently rub it in all over the surrounding eye area (upper lids and all). This is an intense moisturizer for the eye area and its suppose to take care of dry skin, wrinkles, dark circles and bags. This actually works overnight. I know that sounds mental, but every night I remember to use it (I actually forget this more than I should), I wake up with less minor wrinkles around my eyes and the area just feels intensely moisturized (seriously, the word of the night here). The only downfall that I have found to using this is that if I accidentally apply too much, I wake up with more eye sleepys than usual, which really isn't that big of a deal. I still can't believe that at 25 I'm using anti-wrinkle eye creams, but I guess at this point it's more for prevention and those pesky little crows feet that I'm pretty sure anyone who laughs as much as I do would have :)
I would not consider buying any other eye cream at this point - Highly highly recommend.
P.S: I order this online - and it's usually only around $50-$60!

Weird, huh? Vaseline on a night-time regimen post!
I have actually been using this on my lips, every night, since high school. I remember sitting in the halls and seeing a friend of mine haul out a huge jar from her bookbag and apply it on her lips. I thought it was the oddest and most disgusting thing I've ever seen (after all - don't mothers use this on their babys bums?).
She swore by it so much I caved and tried it at night and after just one night, just one - I was hooked. I apply a small amount and any dryness on my lips that I might have had is gone by morning. It is actually a holy grail for my lips (cue Jay-Z).

So there you have my current night-time skincare routine. This has been the same for about 6 months now and has done wonders for my skin. I've had to dry spots or breakouts since I started using these and the previously mentioned morning products.

It is here that I will also mention, however, that I am about to begin trying some new products that might creep into either my daytime or night-time routine - I haven't decided which as I have to evaluate the style of the products to determine when I want to use them. These new products I am trying are all TVAL products that were sent to me for review - but I will give my honest opinion about every one of them.
Aside from some skincare products, they also sent me some eyeshadow, lip balm, and dry shampoo to try out (I've never tried these types of products from there before). I'll probably do a first impressions/mini review of these in the next few days, but the skincare products will have to be tested for a little while before I can review those as it takes time for your skin to adjust and show the true success or failure of the product.
Just wanted to give a heads up on all of what's to come!

Thanks for reading! Love!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Morning Skincare Routine!

Hey Everyone! 
Look what I'm going to talk about today! 4 products that I am obsessed with!

Finally, I've decided to step away from the make-up and talk about something super important. Skincare. In order to have your make-up sitting right, you gotta have your skincare game tight.
Yeah I just did a lame rhyme - I do that sometimes.

Anyway, Today I'll be doing my morning skincare routine and soon to follow will be my night-time routine!

To begin - I'll give you a little insight to my skin before finding this combination of products.
I would have an oily T-Zone that caused me to get MINOR breakouts once a month (we all know when, ick).

On top of that, I would experience some blackheads on my nose and chin, as well as a bit of dry skin around my eyes and cheeks.
In the last few years, I've been seemingly developing a sensitivity to certain products and began to notice small patches of eczema, so I've started paying attention to ingredients in products I use to wash and moisturise my skin and pay close attention to any products that cause undesirable changes.

TVAL Deep Cleansing Oil with Mandarin and Cedar

This is the first thing I do in the morning. Every morning. I know it sounds odd using an "oil" as a cleanser - but I swear this stuff is ridiculous. It has a faint cedar smell (which is nice and not overpowering like some cleansing products) and actually does feel like a thick oil. I just put a little on my fingers and apply it to dry skin and just rub it all in. After about 30 seconds, I just wipe it off with a warm, wet, facecloth until it feels clean. Your skin MAY feel a little "oily" at first, but I kind of like the moisturised feeling; yet that does fade go away after the next step.
Just to add; every second day or so, I wet my Clarisonic brush and use that after I've already rubbed in the cleanser. This just makes me feel like I got a really good deep clean and scrubbed all the dirt off. I then continue to wash it all off with a warm, wet, facecloth.

Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub

This product was in my June or July (I can't remember which) Ipsy bag. I have actually come to love this and will definitely be purchasing a new one when this runs out. I only use this about 2-3 times a week (usually the days I don't use my Clarisonic), but I love it. It is a black scrub with tiny gentle beads in it. I usually go for harsher scrubs that make me feel like I've actually ex-foliated my skin; however, this is very gentle and still leaves me with the same feeling as those harsher scrubs. There is no scent to this product at all and I've been hearing a lot about charcoal facial products lately, so I'm officially jumping on this trend.

TVAL Cucumber Aloe Toner

Another TVAL product. I actually disowned all toners for a while. They made my skin tingle and feel very tight and dry - which I thought was just a clean feeling. Turns out it was a drying feeling and I began hating it. I was an avid lover of the Body Shop Tea Tree Toner for such a long time because I also thought the ingredients weren't supposed to be so bad for my skin. After watching a Vlog by Hollyannaree (I'll link her below), I realized it actually has some harshness to it and I then gave that one up too.
After a while I started missing using a toner, I'm not really sure why, but I did. So, when I came across this, I had to give it a shot.
Amazing again.
This actually makes me feel like my skin is super clean, and not dry at all. There is no drying, tingly feeling.
I just apply it to a cotton pad and run it all over my skin. Seriously just feels nice on the skin.

L'oreal Youth Code BB Cream

So, oddly enough, my daytime moisturiser is actually a BB cream I picked up at Wal-Mart. I'm not a big fan of BB creams - yes I've tried a lot. I find they give an odd color to the skin, or no coverage, etc. This is the first one I've come across that I actually like. I have it in the shade "light", and although it is slightly lighter than my actual skin, it isn't a terrible match. This also offers decent sheer coverage that I enjoy on the days I don't want to use any foundation (sometimes my skin needs to breathe).
I also find that this does well as a daily moisturiser. I haven't experienced any dry patches since using this (although, as you'll soon see, night-time is all about moisture).
Overall, I really enjoy this to top off my morning skin care!

After finding this combination of products (as well as my night-time products you will soon see), and consistently been using them for about 3-4 months now my skin has drastically changed.
I have zero blackheads - anywhere.
I have gotten 1 (ONE!) pimple in 4 months. (I'm attributing that to my trip to Toronto as I find travelling really affects my skin, no matter where I go).
My T-zone can still get a little oily near the end of the day depending on the foundation I use.
Finally, the area around my eyes and cheeks no longer feel dry.

On a side note: TVAL has been mentioned here (and will be again for my night-time routine) and some of you probably don't know what it is. It's a local skincare shop that offers all-natural products for the face and body (I'll link their site below as well). They do let you purchase and ship products online. I have only tried a few things from them so far, yet so far I have liked them and hope to try many more in the future. (I like supporting local if I can :)). Also, just putting this out there- as much as I LOVEEEE the products I have from TVAL, they are purchased solely by me and are my own views (as is everything there). I don't want anyone thinking I have been paid or given free things in return for a good review - they simply are just products that I have been raving about because they work for me.

Links I promised :)

TVAL skincare

Hollyannaree YouTube Channel

Thanks for reading! Love!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mini Drugstore Haul!

Hey Everyone!

So I went to Walmart a little while ago and picked up some things that were totally new to me (and one not so new). I decided I needed to dive into the world of cream shadows so I picked up a few of those, a new lippy, and a basic eyeshadow trio. Here's what I got!

So the 2 eyeshadow pencils from Rimmel and CoverGirl are a very cream based stick and the Maybelline Color Tattoo is also a cream shadow. These are super new to me as I've tended to assume cream shadows will crease (even if others swear they don't), so I've strayed away from them.
I also have never tried a CoverGirl Smoochie before; I've heard mixed reviews so I figured I would just try it out for myself.
The Wet and Wild eyeshadow Trio are not new to me, but these colours I just couldn't resist.
So I've had these products for a little while now, so I'll do a mini review of each of them! :)

Rimmel Scandaleyes and CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil
I put these both together because of their similarity, but I'll still go over each individually.
Rimmel Scandaleyes has been known for their eyeliners (particularly the nude shade for the inner rim - love it). While at Wal-Mart I came across these shadows and swiped the tester across my coffee cup for colour. As much as I loved it, I was still sceptical. After walking around for about 20 minutes, I realized I was holding my cup in the exact place I swatched, and the colour wasn't moving. That was it for me. I ran back to purchase it. I have to say, I'm not disappointed. I absoloutely love the consistency of this shadow. It goes on extremely smooth and the colour can be worn very deep and concentrated (shown above) or blended out for a softer look. When worn concentrated the shadow has a bit of a sheen type finish, but if blended out it becomes a bit more matted (with a teeny tiny bit of sheen). I don't find it does any creasing throughout the day (I always use an eye primer), and it never rubs off. Definitely a new favourite.
The CoverGirl flamed out was purchased because the colour looked outstanding. It's such a beautiful goldenish toupe that just catches the light beautifully and it has a shimmer-sheen finish. It really makes my eyes pop. It also goes on very smoothly and feels great on the lids. However; I do find that this has a tendency to crease just a little bit after a few hours (even with a primer). What I started doing is using a powder shadow on top just to set it (one of similar colour of course) and it seems to stay put a little better. That being said, I do still prefer the Rimmel for longevity.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal

This was the third cream shadow I decided to get. I figured if I was going to do this, I may as well do it right. I've heard a lot about this shadow in the colour "Bad to the Bronze", but I actually cannot find it anywhere. It is literally always sold out in every Wal-Mart and drugstore I walk into. So I thought I would try another colour from the line to test out. As before - the colour is what caught my eye. It's a very soft champagne that makes a great base or inner corner colour. I actually was also very surprised by this. The shadow didn't crease or budge all day and the shimmer in this really caught the light and brightened up my eyes. I've actually found myself using this almost daily since I bought it. As with the other cream shadows, it also goes on very smoothly and feels just creamy on. After these three products, I'm really going to have to expand my cream shadow collection. I am thoroughly impressed.

Wet and Wild Shadow Trio

We've all tried these Wet and Wild shadows before. They're amazing and we all know it. The color pay off is incredible and very saturated, they have a super smooth and buttery texture, and they're under $5. You actually can't find anything better at the drugstore for that price and I am obsessed with them.
Therefore, it is no surprise that when I saw this colour trio I just had to have it. These shades are actually some of the prettiest I've seen so far; my favourite had to be the bottom taupe/grey shade. The top and bottom shade are very shimmery, while the middle brown has a hint of glitter (not overpowering by any means). I've actually been using these with the Maybelline Color Tattoo Studio (above) and creating such a pretty fall look. The Color tattoo in the inner corner and out to the middle of the eye; the bottom colour in this palette on the outer corner and blended into the crease; then the middle colour in the outer V corner just to deepen it up. Put a little of the taupe underneath and some black liner smudged in the upper lashes and you're done! (I can post a tutorial of that if you guys want to see it!!)
No matter how you use this pallet, the shades are absolutely beautiful for the Fall and a great transition into Winter.

CoverGirl Smoochies

So, I've heard mixed reviews about these and I kind of see why. I'm glad I have one, but I'm glad I have JUST one. I like a red lip - a lot, but I'm also practical that I can't have my favourite long-wearing pin-up red every single day. So This is a good alternative as the colour is very sheer yet buildable. The swatch above is actually what it builds up to, so just one swipe probably won't get you much colour on your lips. My lips are also pretty pigmented so I need decent coverage to see a little results. They do feel very nice on the lips, almost like a lip balm, but I find that feeling fades pretty fast and my lips actually end up feeling a little drier than before I put it on, so I find myself reapplying often just to get the smooth feeling back.
It's nice to have this just to stick in my purse and go and not need a mirror to apply etc.. but I also have other lip products that are similar and perform better- either colour-wise or moisture-wise. Personally, I would prefer my Lip Butters (yes I'm still obsessed with them haha); I find they give amazing colour pay-off and incredible moisture all day!

Sooo there you guys have it! My return to blogging!
Overall, I was very impressed with everything I mentioned here, except the CoverGirl Smoochie (which isn't terrible, just not amazing).
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and that it was worth the wait!
If there's anything you guys want to see; tutorials, product reviews, skin care, first impression, my ipsy box, etc.., just let me know!

Thanks for reading! Love!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm Back

Hey Everyone!
Just wanted to get a little personal here for a minute. I've been missing from the blogging world for about 2 months now. Life got crazy hectic and I unfortunately had to take a little break. I finished up my Business degree (convocation is next month! woo!); I started a new Big-Girl job; and I've been settling into the new apartment (feels like the d├ęcor work is never done).

After finally sorting through all of this - I am back.
As you can tell, I have pretty much overhauled the site - New Everything :)
There are now links and feeds for my other social media sites! Seriously, check it out >>>>

Instagram and Twitter are usually the first places to see any new purchases as well as any OOTD and just general daily fun.
Tonight you will get my first official beauty related post and I am suuuper excited about it! :)
On a side note: I've also been considering starting a small secondary blog on the side that is not beauty related, but more life related. I'm not too sure what I might post there- probably just little daily tidbits and thoughts as they run through my head; things I like/dislike etc. If I decide to do that I'll definitely let you all know and link it here!

Thanks for reading! Love!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Au Natural Hair!

Hey guys!!

I thought today I would show you what products I use to style my hair naturally.

I actually have pretty curly hair, so sometimes it can be a bit of a problem with either frizz, or days it just doesn't want to curl itself properly, etc... You curly hair people know what I'm talking about here. Depending on the weather, I may let it dry naturally (usually only happens on hot summer days), or use a hair dryer to speed up the process when its colder out or I'm in a rush and don't want to look as if I just exited the shower. Having thick, curly hair means it takes hours to dry naturally unless its at least 25+ degrees outside.

To begin, here are recent pictures of my hair left alone. In these, I let my hair dry naturally (it's actually still a bit wet as you can see). At the end of this, I am going to show you guys a quick picture of how long my hair actually is when I blow-dry it straight and what I use for that - the length difference is crazy. (Click to enlarge these).

This all starts in the shower. To be honest, I've never noticed much difference between a "curl" shampoo and any other formulation, so I just use whatever I have on hand - lately thats been the Clear for Color and Damaged hair. Maybe I just haven't found any curl shampoo/conditioner combo thats great yet - but of the ones I've tried, my end results do not differ. When I'm in the shower I brush the conditioner through my hair with a wide tooth comb; when doing this, I make sure to comb my hair the way I would part it. When rinsing my hair I try not to tangle it up or anything a whole lot- Basically, my goal is to not have to brush/comb my hair once I get out of the shower. This helps my natural curls stay in together and not separate them too much.
Next, I just squeeze my hair with a towel to get any excess water out (my hair retains water really well, so this is crucial). I part my hair and depending on how I am going to dry my hair (naturally or not) depends on what goes on my hair.
Here are the products that I use.
Catwalk Curl Collection Curlesque creme
AG Re-Coil Curl Defining Creme
Pantene Mousse for curls, hold level 4
Hair Dryer Diffuser

Drying my hair naturally
Separate my hair into 4 sections (one on each side and 2 for the back). Apply very small amount of AG Recoil to hands, rub together, distribute onto section- repeat with each section. This is seriously the holy grail for naturally curly hair. It makes my curls even curlier and I can not rave about this stuff enough.
Afterwards, I apply a small (quarter sized) amount of Catwalk Curlesque to my whole head and just crunch my curls a little to encourage them to twist more. Thats it!
The reason I apply both products when letting my hair dry naturally is that I find my hair can get a little separated and frizzy without the Catwalk, but my curls are as bouncy without the AG; therefore, I feel I need both. I don't apply the mousse when I dry my hair naturally as I feel it leaves my hair hard and crunchy.

Drying my hair with a hair dryer
When drying my hair with a hair dryer I first apply the AG Recoil as I previously explained. After that is when I put a palm-full of Pantene Mousse all over my hair. Stick the Diffuser onto my hair dryer (EXTREMELY important) and flip my hair upside-down while drying it. I find flipping my hair over adds more volume to the roots. I always put my hair dryer setting to low (so yes, this can sometimes take a while) and carefully hold pieces of my hair so the blowing air doesn't cause the curls to separate too much (this is why the low setting is so important, otherwise it will end up frizzy). When its dry, I give it a shot of cold air with the hair dryer to seal it all in and voila! Done-Zo.
The Pantene Mousse doesn't leave my hair crunchy when I use a hair dryer - I can't really explain why; maybe because it's being tousled around more.

Just for fun
Here's how long my hair actually is when it is blow-dried straight (no flat iron was used in this).

All I really did for this was apply a small amount of Carols Daughters Smoothing Blow Dry Creme (smells like chocolate- yumm) and put a concentrator on my hair dryer. Section the hair off in 4 sections again, and use a paddle brush to follow the hair down the brush with the edge of the concentrator.

Well! There you have it!

If you guys have any questions about the individual products, or want to see how I "Unnaturally" curl my hair for daytime or a night out, let me know!!

Thanks for reading! Love!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Favorites!

Hey guys!

Today I am going to tell you about the things I have been loving for the month of June. We have had pretty miserable weather here so far this month - it has been cold and rainy for the most part, but it seems to be heating up a bit so I anticipate some of these products will no longer be used next month (more on that later). For now, I'l try to do some mini reviews as I go so lets jump on in! Also, I apologize for the quality of the pictures this time; it's already the 3rd of July so I really wanted to get this post up, and its 10:00 at night here so there is no natural lighting (I'll try to do better next time- promise).

 Lots of Goodies :)

 So, As you can see, I couldn't pick just one lippy this month. All 3 are from the same line, the Maybelline vivds collection, but I absolutely could not narrow it down to 1. This entire line of lipsticks is amazing! I purchased one and have kept going back for more colors ever since. The three colors I narrowed it down to for my favorites this month are: Hot Plum, Shocking Coral, and Fuchsia Flash.

These three colors give the best of all shade choices for summer: Magenta, Coral, and a hot Pink. Although these colors may seem like they might not be wearable for daytime, I actually even wear mine to work (at a bank) and get complemented on them all the time. The lipsticks are super creamy, and I find the staying power to be much better than a glossy balm but not as drying as a stain. I do have to reapply after eating or drinking, but other than that I have had excellent success with the quality of these.
They are super bright and perfect for the summer.

Next up, we have my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in Brightener. This is a definite must have for me this month as it has been such a hectic/busy few weeks for me and I feel my eyes show my lack of sleep. This concealer has a hint of salmon in it which I find works amazing for dark circles. I apply it under my foundation so I can have a thicker layer of product, while my foundation then covers the color and helps it blend into my skin. I have actually recommended this to a few people now who have come back to tell me how much they love it.

Next we have my CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation in Medium Beige. I've been grabbing this every day for quite a while now and its definitely still on top for me in June. I like this because it offers great coverage without feeling caked on or heavy, and it doesn't melt or get oily throughout the day (definitely a plus now that the weather is improving!) The pump applicator makes this really easy to apply so you always have the right amount of foundation (no wasting, yay!) and it seems much more sanitary than sticking your hands into a bottle or pot to get the product out.

This is the Milani baked blush in Rose D'oro. I have been reaching for this mostly because it has some shimmer and gives an amazing glow to the cheeks for summer. It is almost like a light bronzer with hints of gold and rose tones into it. On the cheeks, this makes me feel glowy and dewy. I usually just apply this with a large powder brush directly to the apples of my cheeks for a bit of added color.

Ok. Here is the part where I get to my favorites for the month of June, which probably won't be favorites for next month. First, we have my beloved Benefit They're Real! Mascara.
I just raved about this a few weeks ago (see previous posts) so I won't get into much detail on that again here. However, I am now discovering that because it isn't waterproof, it actually smudges in humidity. I wore this a few times this week and ended up with black around the top of my eyelid because the heat. As much as I love this mascara, I think this next month will be different - however, for June, I was obsessed.
The last product that loved for June, but probably wont be loving much for the rest of summer is the Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid eyeliner. This has been the best liner I have found recently and I love how matte the black is. The applicator also makes this really easy to apply and get a nice wing line with. The problem I think I might have is similar to my mascara, it isn't waterproof. Although I think this is available in waterproof, I didn't purchase that type, and the non-waterproof version just starts to smudge on my lashline in the heat. That being said, I love the eyeliner enough that I will have to run out and purchase the waterproof version to try for next month. If it acts the same as this one, with the added benefit of being waterproof, I'll love it even more. :)

My favorite scent this month is Lola by Marc Jacobs. This scent just seems so light and fresh to me. I am actually terrible at describing scents, so I'm actually just going to quote what is written on the Ulta website for this particular perfume.
"A warm floral bouquet. A long-lasting fragrance that wraps the skin in sensuous florals.
Topnotes - Pink Peppercorn, Pear, Ruby Red Grapefruit
Midnotes: Rose, Fuschia Peony, Geranium
Drydown - Vanilla, Warm Tonka Bean, Creamy Musk"
Again, that was totally copy and pasted from the website. :)

The last 2 things I have are not makeup, but definitely essentials in my routine. Every single night I have been using both Ponds Cold Cream for normal to dry skin, and Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture in Satin Finish moisturizer.
This stuff is seriously insane amazing, why have I not heard more about this? I know this product is pretty ancient and maybe our mothers used it, but they had a point. Ever since I began using this at night my skin has gotten so much softer! I just put a loonie size amount all over my dry face and neck, rub it in, then wipe it off with warm water on a facecloth and every last bit of makeup is gone. I don't even know what this stuff is supposed to claim to be doing, but for me it is an amazing makeup remover and moisturizer. Definitely recommend everyone getting into this. Also, if you're afraid this might clog your pores (because it is quite a thick consistency), I wouldn't worry too much as I haven't had a single breakout since I started using it. I'm not claiming it stops breakouts, just that it doesn't cause them on me.

After I use the Ponds Cold Cream, I move on to my new favorite face moisturizer. Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture in Satin Finish.
This is a very light lotion for the face and neck that has a very satin/pearly finish to it. the pump is perfect for ensuring the perfect amount of product for your face and it works well at hydrating the skin. I like the little bit of added hydration this gives me after the Ponds Cold Cream, and leaves my skin feeling and smelling very fresh and clean.

So, there you have it! All of my favorites for the month of June! If you guys want to see longer reviews or have any questions or comments about how these products work just let me know!

Thanks for reading! Love!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shadows and Liner!

Hey everyone!

This will be a small, quick post as i just wanted to give a mention of 3 products I picked up, but I am also extremely busy with last minute paper writing and other boring priorities. However, I decided a break was in order to post this :)

So, I did a little shopping last week and found some really pretty eyeshadow shades and an absolutely stunning eyeliner, Yay!
I have been avoiding buying the L'oreal Infallible eyeshadows for a long time, yet I'm not sure why I refused to try them despite the good reviews I've seen. The powder consistency just seemed like it would be a loose mess and end up all over my face instead of on my eyelid - which after trying them, actually can happen depending on how you apply them.

I picked up the colors Forever Pink and Sahara Treasure.
They both contain a lot of shimmer which I was concerned about at first, but these actually end up looking fantastic on the eyes! The powder is a lot more loose than I am accustomed to, so I had to play around and figure out which brush works best with these shadows. Do not use a fluffy crease brush for these, it makes a mess and the pigment ends up under your eyes. Instead use a very dense, short shadow brush or even your finger (yes, that actually works for these) and apply these by pressing the color down onto the lid instead of swiping your brush over it. Trying these wet also makes them a little easier to work with so that they don't flake off.
Overall, I like these shadows- theres a few more colors I may try, but for now I'm going to keep using these to test their staying power and versatility for everyday wear.

On to the eyeliner. Oh My Goodness, this liner from Urban Decay's 24/7 line is the most amazing color I have ever seen. Pictures and swatches do not do it justice - it is truly a product you must try.

This is a deep deep royal blue shade that is like nothing I have ever seen before. It is neutral enough that I replace my black liner with this very often, and it looks amazing with brown eyes (blue shadows/liners on brown eyes always make the eye pop).
Urban Decay eyeliners are pricy (in the $20 range), but they are not disappointing. They slide on smoothly, give you a little time to smudge if you want to, and then set so well that no amount of rubbing will budge them (makeup remover obviously does the trick). Although I love the entire line of the 24/7 pencils, there are drugstore brands that offer the same benefits for much less; therefore, I usually only buy an Urban Decay one when the color is something I cant find elsewhere. Seriously, this color is definitely a favorite of mine at the moment.


L'oreal Infallible eyeshadows: Sahara Treasure & Forever Pink
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner: Sabbath

Thats going to be it for this little post today. As the end of June is tomorrow I will be doing my best to post a June favourites in the next few days and that will definitely be longer.

Feedback is always welcome!

Thanks for reading! Love!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Benefit They're Real!

Hey guys!!

First, it's an absolutely beautiful day out today. I'm sitting at our little bistro set on the apartment balcony, in a dress and loving it. Finally summer is starting to arrive here! Anyway, I was so excited to be blogging outside that I had to share that; on to the makeup!

So, I'm probably going to post a few things over the next few days as I've got some things in mind that I want to share with you all! I might do a daily skincare routine of the products I use and when; you'll definitely see a June favorites in about a week, and there was a recent Shoppers Drug Mart trip that I'll probably talk about soon as well.
For now, I'm going to do a very quick post about a product we all already know and probably love - but I have actually just tried it for the first time this month.
Benefit's They're Real! mascara.

As you can see, the brush has rubber bristles and then has this weird little end that just seems strange, but trust me, is very useful. I will admit - it took some work getting me to like this mascara (I'm sure someone is screaming at me for saying that right now). The first few times I used it, I found that the consistency was just too wet, or there was just too much product on the brush, and it was pretty much fusing my lashes all together and making them look ridiculous. I didn't give up though, and I'm glad I didn't. After playing with it for about a week, I somehow mastered how to apply it to get optimal results. Maybe it dried out a little, or less has been coming out on the brush, or maybe I just discovered the right application process. Either way, if you guys give this a try and don't like it at first - keep playing around with it; I promise it gets easier.

I know, I know, I'm super late jumping on this bandwagon. Honestly, I just couldn't justify paying $29 + tax for mascara when my drugstore brands, that I love, work just fine for me. However, a friend of mine gave this to me as a birthday gift a few weeks ago, and now I am in serious trouble because I dont think I can revert back to anything else. I will forever be purchasing this mascara (maybe; forever is a long time in makeup world).

I'll pretty much show you guys a before and after. I promise, I am not wearing fake lashes. I pretty much think a picture says a thousand words here for sure. (My goodness my eyebrows need tending! embarrassment!)


As you can tell - my natural lashes aren't amazing. Although, I do feel that this picture is doing an injustice to what I thought they really looked like without mascara. Regardless, I have a lot of dark, short lashes; they also aren't very sparse (yay).

I want to add again that I do not have fake lashes on. Not only that, but I also did not curl my lashes at all in this picture. This is actually the mascara on its own with no other help. I applied 2 coats to my upper lashes, and one coat to the bottom.

Obviously, I fell in love with this stuff. It isn't waterproof - which made me apprehensive because I find mascara usually smudges on me if it isn't a waterproof formula, but this one doesn't smudge or flake at all throughout the day. Benefit has truly mastered mascara.

Again, I know I'm super late falling for this product - but I guess I'm just another one of those ladies who just didn't think $29 for a mascara was going to be worth it. Clearly, I was wrong.

Let me know what you guys want me to write about! I'll definitely pick up some products if you want to see a review, recommendation, or tutorial!

Thanks for Reading! Love!