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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm Back

Hey Everyone!
Just wanted to get a little personal here for a minute. I've been missing from the blogging world for about 2 months now. Life got crazy hectic and I unfortunately had to take a little break. I finished up my Business degree (convocation is next month! woo!); I started a new Big-Girl job; and I've been settling into the new apartment (feels like the d├ęcor work is never done).

After finally sorting through all of this - I am back.
As you can tell, I have pretty much overhauled the site - New Everything :)
There are now links and feeds for my other social media sites! Seriously, check it out >>>>

Instagram and Twitter are usually the first places to see any new purchases as well as any OOTD and just general daily fun.
Tonight you will get my first official beauty related post and I am suuuper excited about it! :)
On a side note: I've also been considering starting a small secondary blog on the side that is not beauty related, but more life related. I'm not too sure what I might post there- probably just little daily tidbits and thoughts as they run through my head; things I like/dislike etc. If I decide to do that I'll definitely let you all know and link it here!

Thanks for reading! Love!


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