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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mini Drugstore Haul!

Hey Everyone!

So I went to Walmart a little while ago and picked up some things that were totally new to me (and one not so new). I decided I needed to dive into the world of cream shadows so I picked up a few of those, a new lippy, and a basic eyeshadow trio. Here's what I got!

So the 2 eyeshadow pencils from Rimmel and CoverGirl are a very cream based stick and the Maybelline Color Tattoo is also a cream shadow. These are super new to me as I've tended to assume cream shadows will crease (even if others swear they don't), so I've strayed away from them.
I also have never tried a CoverGirl Smoochie before; I've heard mixed reviews so I figured I would just try it out for myself.
The Wet and Wild eyeshadow Trio are not new to me, but these colours I just couldn't resist.
So I've had these products for a little while now, so I'll do a mini review of each of them! :)

Rimmel Scandaleyes and CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil
I put these both together because of their similarity, but I'll still go over each individually.
Rimmel Scandaleyes has been known for their eyeliners (particularly the nude shade for the inner rim - love it). While at Wal-Mart I came across these shadows and swiped the tester across my coffee cup for colour. As much as I loved it, I was still sceptical. After walking around for about 20 minutes, I realized I was holding my cup in the exact place I swatched, and the colour wasn't moving. That was it for me. I ran back to purchase it. I have to say, I'm not disappointed. I absoloutely love the consistency of this shadow. It goes on extremely smooth and the colour can be worn very deep and concentrated (shown above) or blended out for a softer look. When worn concentrated the shadow has a bit of a sheen type finish, but if blended out it becomes a bit more matted (with a teeny tiny bit of sheen). I don't find it does any creasing throughout the day (I always use an eye primer), and it never rubs off. Definitely a new favourite.
The CoverGirl flamed out was purchased because the colour looked outstanding. It's such a beautiful goldenish toupe that just catches the light beautifully and it has a shimmer-sheen finish. It really makes my eyes pop. It also goes on very smoothly and feels great on the lids. However; I do find that this has a tendency to crease just a little bit after a few hours (even with a primer). What I started doing is using a powder shadow on top just to set it (one of similar colour of course) and it seems to stay put a little better. That being said, I do still prefer the Rimmel for longevity.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal

This was the third cream shadow I decided to get. I figured if I was going to do this, I may as well do it right. I've heard a lot about this shadow in the colour "Bad to the Bronze", but I actually cannot find it anywhere. It is literally always sold out in every Wal-Mart and drugstore I walk into. So I thought I would try another colour from the line to test out. As before - the colour is what caught my eye. It's a very soft champagne that makes a great base or inner corner colour. I actually was also very surprised by this. The shadow didn't crease or budge all day and the shimmer in this really caught the light and brightened up my eyes. I've actually found myself using this almost daily since I bought it. As with the other cream shadows, it also goes on very smoothly and feels just creamy on. After these three products, I'm really going to have to expand my cream shadow collection. I am thoroughly impressed.

Wet and Wild Shadow Trio

We've all tried these Wet and Wild shadows before. They're amazing and we all know it. The color pay off is incredible and very saturated, they have a super smooth and buttery texture, and they're under $5. You actually can't find anything better at the drugstore for that price and I am obsessed with them.
Therefore, it is no surprise that when I saw this colour trio I just had to have it. These shades are actually some of the prettiest I've seen so far; my favourite had to be the bottom taupe/grey shade. The top and bottom shade are very shimmery, while the middle brown has a hint of glitter (not overpowering by any means). I've actually been using these with the Maybelline Color Tattoo Studio (above) and creating such a pretty fall look. The Color tattoo in the inner corner and out to the middle of the eye; the bottom colour in this palette on the outer corner and blended into the crease; then the middle colour in the outer V corner just to deepen it up. Put a little of the taupe underneath and some black liner smudged in the upper lashes and you're done! (I can post a tutorial of that if you guys want to see it!!)
No matter how you use this pallet, the shades are absolutely beautiful for the Fall and a great transition into Winter.

CoverGirl Smoochies

So, I've heard mixed reviews about these and I kind of see why. I'm glad I have one, but I'm glad I have JUST one. I like a red lip - a lot, but I'm also practical that I can't have my favourite long-wearing pin-up red every single day. So This is a good alternative as the colour is very sheer yet buildable. The swatch above is actually what it builds up to, so just one swipe probably won't get you much colour on your lips. My lips are also pretty pigmented so I need decent coverage to see a little results. They do feel very nice on the lips, almost like a lip balm, but I find that feeling fades pretty fast and my lips actually end up feeling a little drier than before I put it on, so I find myself reapplying often just to get the smooth feeling back.
It's nice to have this just to stick in my purse and go and not need a mirror to apply etc.. but I also have other lip products that are similar and perform better- either colour-wise or moisture-wise. Personally, I would prefer my Lip Butters (yes I'm still obsessed with them haha); I find they give amazing colour pay-off and incredible moisture all day!

Sooo there you guys have it! My return to blogging!
Overall, I was very impressed with everything I mentioned here, except the CoverGirl Smoochie (which isn't terrible, just not amazing).
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and that it was worth the wait!
If there's anything you guys want to see; tutorials, product reviews, skin care, first impression, my ipsy box, etc.., just let me know!

Thanks for reading! Love!


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