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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mini Drugstore Haul!

Hey guys!

Ok, so in this mini drugstore haul, I purchased 6 NYX singles shadows, and 2 NYX trio shadows. I also picked up one of the Milani statement lipsticks everyone has been raving about.
I also just want to quickly apologize for the crazy delay in posts. I was in the process of packing, moving, and unpacking for the last few weeks. Moving, mixed with interviews, exams, and my weekend-long Birthday celebrations have made for quite a hectic few weeks!

The reason for all the eyeshadows is because Lawtons Drugstore had a crazy sale on some of their NYX stuff; the singles eyeshadows were on sale for $1.74, plus they were buy 2 get 1 free. The NYX trio shadows were on sale for about $3 as well. There were other things besides eyeshadows on sale, but the selection was slim. Also, all Milani products were 20% off so run out and get some! I highly recommend the baked blushes and liquify eyeliners, but I already have some of those so I decided to grab a lipstick instead; I'll probably go back to another Lawtons before these sales are over and stock up on some more things if the selection is better.

I have only tried out a few of the eyeshadows and the lipstick twice, so this wont be much of a review of products. However, NYX in general offers good quality shadows and we all know these Milani lipsticks are supposed to be amazing so I expect there to be a rave review of all products in the next few weeks.

NYX Singles
 Here are the 6 shadows I picked up. In order from top left to right and bottom left to right here are the names. Golden Amber, Asphalt, Ballerina Dream, (color name ripped off this one when I opened the packaging - oops), Red Bean Pie, and Eggplant.
Here are the swatches for each in the same order as listed above as well. Some of these colors are shimmery and some are a satin finish; none that I bought were matte.
I found the 2 shimmer colors (Golden Amber and Ballerina Dream) to have small amounts of glitter in them. They also seemed to swatch a bit chalky  but maybe if applied wet these could work a little easier and hopefully not flake off. The rest of the colors went on a little smoother and left a great color payoff. I used two of these on my birthday (Golden Amber and the nameless one) to go out and they had amazing staying power. I loved the color effect they gave me with a black liquid liner on top of them.

NYX Trios
These 2 trio palettes caught my eye because I love  a good blue for brown eyes, and the second palette just seemed great for summer. The top trio gave the individual names for the colors (left to right), Baby Blue, Pacific, and Navy. The bottom Trio just gave a name for the whole palette, Hippie-Chic.
When I swatched these, they were a little hit or miss again. For the blue palette, Baby Blue and Pacific gave great color; Navy actually needed more product to give that deep color and seemed a little more chalky. Again, hopefully a wet application will fix this.
Hippie-Chic had the exact same problem. The first 2 colors gave awesome saturation (which might be hard to believe because of the light color of the first swatch), but the lilac color on the right needed more product and also seemed chalky.
I'll definitely have to give these a try. Sometimes playing around with them can help you figure out a good way to make them work.

Milani Statement Lipstick
 Lastly, I also picked up a Milani Color Statement lipstick in Fruit Punch. It smells Delicious! It actually smells exactly like fruit punch and makes me want to eat it. haha.
As I expected, the color came out amazing. I have used it twice now and so far I love it. It comes out that exact color on my lips, smells great, and is very creamy. It isn't a long wearing lipstick, not that I think it claims to be?, so I do find myself reapplying it if I eat or drink. That is a small price to pay for such a gorgeous color however and I will definitely be picking up more!

Ok! So that is all I have for you today; I will be posting another blog soon as I received some makeup gifts for my birthday that I would love to tell you guys all about! :)
Sorry again for the late post - sometimes life just gets in the way!

If you guys want to see tutorials on anything or some pics of how I'm using these products just let me know!!

Thanks for reading. Love!


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