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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hey guys!
First post, How exciting!

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on Cynthia Rowley nail polish that I picked up at Winners about a month ago. I LOVEEE Cynthia Rowley's clothing collection and her line of housewares so I wanted to try out the nail polish on a whim.

The colors I picked up came in a set together but do not have a name; I did a little two-toned mani with them for some spring fun.
First I'd like to note that I had high hopes for these polishes; they really let me down.
The brush is a standard old fashion nail polish brush. It doesn't curve like the new salon style brushes so I found that the nail polish got on my cuticles a lot (maybe the new brushes spoiled me). The formula was a little watery and the color needed two coats, which is pretty standard.
There was also no indication on the packaging that these colors were in fact a matte finish. At first, I liked the matte look to the nail polish, it's different than usual so I enjoyed it. The down side however, is the staying power. It is absolutely terrible! I applied the polish at about 3 pm for a neon themed birthday party I was attending, and it was chipped before I left my house at 8.
I'd like to note, I also tried applying a top coat over it to prevent chips - not only did this take away the matte finish, but it still chipped in the SAME day! Not at all what I would have expected from a product with both a base and top coat (Sally Hansen Hard as Nails).
I would also like to note I purchased a different color set as a gift (before I had even tried them myself) that were not a matte finish, and was told the same thing about the staying power so it doesn't seem to be just these colors or finishes.


Fun colors
Extremely Fast Drying
Attractive Packaging

Brush is hard to work with
Watery Formula
Terrible Staying Power

Thanks for reading! Love.

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