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Thursday, May 28, 2015

I love a good red lip.

Hey everyone!

So... anyone who knows me, knows I love a good, classic red lip. I am inspired by the vintage era of Marilyn, Audrey and Bettie and a girl can never have too many shades of red in her collection.

A while ago I received a Smashbox lipstick in an Ipsy bag and was immediately concerned. Nearly all the lip products I get from subscription bags are in colors that don't suit me, or I will not wear very often. This, however, was an exception.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in the shade Infrared Matte.

I'll start with the packaging.
This is just simple. Classic. Black. But the packaging is very soft, almost velvety and actually has a nice weight to it, which I find can give a lipstick an expensive feel about it. The top clicks on heavy and tightly enough that I have never had an issue with it popping off in my purse, which we all know can be an issue with some products.

Next. The lipstick itself. It is definitely not a long-wearing formula and you will absolutely need a lip liner or it will creep out of line from time to time. This, although some may see as a flaw, I see as a benefit. This lipstick is extremely moisturizing and non-drying. It is formulated with shea butter and vitamins and you can definitely tell when you apply it. Seriously, so creamy it almost feels like a lip butter and I love it. This is very hard to achieve for a matte lipstick - kudos Smashbox.
The color is a very true red, and although it is matte, it still manages to leave a slight look of silkiness to it.
It's definitely a color that transitions well from daytime to nighttime and from the office to drinks (you'll just have to re-apply every now and then).

This is how it looks on the lips with natural light (props to mother nature on the sunlight lately). As you can see it is the truest of reds. There is no hint of brick, or orange, or pink. It is just simply red.
*(click pics for enlarged photo)*

Overall, this is one of many favorites of red lipsticks at the moment. Although, all red lippies have a purpose depending on their shade and texture ... hmm .. maybe another post perhaps?

Anyway - short post. Just wanted to pass along this fav of mine that I feel does not at all get the hype it deserves.



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